About Milgaya.pk – Pakistan’s 1st Virtual Mall

It was forged when the team realized the market gap and potential of the Ecommerce industry in Pakistan. In recent years, the shopping medium in Pakistan has changed a lot as the world of shopping has been digitized. E-commerce trade has a promising future in Pakistan as this market is getting pace with the rest of the world and opening up multiple avenues for the shopaholics.

MILGAYA wants to capitalize on this market segment by establishing itself in the major cities of Pakistan. For this purpose, we are taking freight from economic center of the country – Karachi. Being a new entity in the market Milgaya has decided to take an innovative approach, with opening up the first virtual mall of Pakistan.

In order to provide our valued customers with the best of shopping facilities, Milgaya is giving a proper shopping mall experience, virtually, that is, when a person enters in a shopping mall they see the shops/brand outlets first and then the products, similarly, Milgaya is showing the E-shops/virtual shops first and upon entering them, the variety of products could be seen of that particular shop/outlet. Furthermore, when someone buys a product from any shop in the shopping mall, the customers will get the original invoice of that particular shop, to make things more clear, Milgaya, would also provide with the original invoice of the E-shop/outlet, not Milgaya’s invoice.

Hence, giving customers a proper virtual mall feel, never experienced before.

MILGAYA.PK would be operating on a ‘no ownership of products basis’, hence it is utmost important to make our partners/vendors feel motivated and empowered.

MILGAYA.PK provides them with high level of control through the vendor management system.

Furthermore, also promoting our partners through multiple channels of marketing on account of

MILGAYA.PK, the growth of every individual is limited to their own effort and dedication only.